2022 Remote Job Reports: Monthly Analysis & Statistics

At the other end of the pay scale are fully remote workers in administrative and more routine functions, like customer service reps at call centers, where many jobs may be further eroded by artificial intelligence. According to the Current Population Survey, there were 117 occupations where the share of remote workers went up in August 2021, as compared to the month prior. Notably, this is the month when the delta variant of COVID-19 became the dominant https://remotemode.net/blog/breaking-down-2021-2022-remote-work-statistics/ strain in the U.S. Among them are astronomers and physicists, aerospace engineers, procurement clerks, and environmental engineers, all of which had between 60% to 70% representation of those who still worked remotely by August of 2021. Find the perfect JavaScript developer for your team with our comprehensive job description template. It covers all the essential elements including responsibilities, skills, qualifications, and employee benefits.

Breaking Down 2021-2022 Remote Work Statistics

Learn how to write an effective Ruby on Rails developer job description, including key qualifications and responsibilities, and sample job description template. I’ve spent 100 out of 120 months of this decade working at @doist 😍 83.33% of the last 10 years. Looking forward to the next 120 months with this company and team that I love so much.

A. By the end of 2021, around 51% of global knowledge workers will be remote

Explore our Remote Career Center for coaching sessions, worksheets, and guides on making a successful career change and working remotely. Nearly 70% of women who experienced negative impacts https://remotemode.net/ are concerned for their career growth and worried that it may be limited as a result of the pandemic. This means that having a remote work option would require lesser office space.

  • Modern professionals view fully remote jobs as solutions to many of the employee pain points they experience.
  • Tony Schwartz, the founder of The Energy Project, teaches this “pulse and pause” mantra.
  • With more people working from home and fewer commuting by private vehicle, the average one-way travel time to work dropped to 25.6 minutes in 2021, among the shortest times in the last decade.
  • Whether it’s to flee cities with a high cost of living or to find more space to spread out, remote workers are realizing that they have more real estate choices than ever before.
  • Millennials are the first generation to be brought up in the digital age, so it’s unsurprising that they gravitate towards remote work opportunities.

Over 90% of healthcare professionals, construction laborers, truck drivers, agricultural workers haven’t at any point in the last 18 months worked remotely, and that makes sense, given the nature of their work. While medical experts, government officials, business owners, and online crusaders spent the last few years debating the COVID-19 pandemic’s realities and ramifications, workers reevaluated their priorities. With two-thirds of employees reporting they have experienced job burnout, diminished professional engagement, and overly demanding employers, it is no wonder why. Offering flexible remote work options is one of the most effective ways to improve employee retention. GoodHire’s recent survey highlighted a consensus of 74% of remote workers believe companies will lose major talent if they don’t offer remote work.

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Face-to-face interactions and on-site work remain vital across many industries. A nine-month Stanford University study of 16,000 workers found that working from home increased business productivity by 13 percent when comparing the company’s profits to previous years. Prodoscore attributed a mid-pandemic increase in productivity by 47 percent to their remote workforce. Many employees, management and executives see this improvement in themselves and their peers due to fewer distractions and more autonomy in creating a feasible work schedule.

Breaking Down 2021-2022 Remote Work Statistics

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